Standard Price Schedule

Property Maintenance
Standard Labour

Residential Cleaning: $55 per hour per person

Ironing Service: $55 per hour per person

Commercial Cleaning: $66 per hour per person

Storefront Maintenance: $66 per hour per person

Gardening / Property Maintenance: $66 per hour per person 

NDIS: services invoiced at appropriate NDIS rates

Minimum Callout Fee: $33 per visit

Waste & Rubbish Removal
Waste Removal Estimate

Green Waste Removal

Minimum fee for removing green waste from property: $11.00

Green waste per cubic metre: $20.00

General Waste Removal

Priced at waste charges plus 10% and $66 per hour for cartage, loading and unloading time.

Commercial Mowing & Slashing

Pricing on application.

Pool Chemicals, Mulch, Maintenance Consumables

Pricing calculated at cost plus 10%

Third Party Services

Buderim Property Group can organise and manage third party services on your behalf at cost plus 10% and our hourly rate if required to be on site to supervise or to be of assistance.